A wrapper program for pyvnc2swf and x11vnc.

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Syntax [-all] [-display displayname] [-name windowtitle] [-id windowid] [-type filetype] outputfile


(Manually specify the window to record)
$ out.swf

(Record the window titled "login@giko")
$ -name "login@giko" out.flv


recordwin allows you to record a specific window in the current screen instead of the entire display. This is a wrapper program for and x11vnc. First it invokes xwininfo program to get the position of a target window. If no option is given, a user is prompted to specify a window with a cross (+) cursor. Then it runs x11vnc in background and starts with a proper option to record only the window you specified. With the option -all specified, the entire screen is recorded.

Security consideration: The user must be aware that recordwin will open up x11vnc to accept any local client that comes first. Although this client is only allowed to peek the current screen, this can be potentially security threat. So don't use this if your desktop machine allows other users to login.


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Yusuke Shinyama
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