skkinput-2.06.4-cdb.patch.gz [gzipped tar, 5k]
A patch to skkinput-2.06.4 for cdb dictionary support.
cmonitor.tar.gz [gzipped tar, 4k]
A simple graphical monitoring program for Linux.
skk-cdb.el [plain text, 2k]
An SKK extension which allows direct lookup with cdb files. (incorporated by the ddskk team)
cdb.el [plain text, 7k]
CDB (constant database) implementation in Emacs Lisp. (2010/7)
[gzipped tar, 3k] cl-cdb-20050729.tar.gz (2005/7)
CDB (constant database) implementation in Common Lisp.
[plain text, 2k] kterm-linux-2.6.patch (2005/1)
KTerm patch for Linux kernel 2.6.
[gzipped tar, 3k] mod_cdb-0.1.tar.gz (2004/5)
A module for Apache2. It obtains contents from a cdb entry instead of a file.
[gzipped tar, 8k] morph0.tar.gz (2003/10)
A very small Japanese morphological analyzer.
[gzipped text, 13k] putftpd-0.1.patch.gz (2001/?)
Add writing function to D. J. Bernstein's publicfile.
[gzipped tar, 14k] xclock-transparent.tar.gz (2001/11)
Self-explanatory. Xclock with background transparency. Based on xclock of XFree86-4.0.1.
[gzipped text, 2k] emacs-20.7-transparent.patch.gz (2001/10)
Emacs transparent patch. Make TRANSPARENT_WITH_SHADOW undefined if you hate shadow. Use with the line-space patch is recommended.
[gzipped text, 1k] skk-8.6-emacs20or21.diff.gz (2001/9)
A patch for skk.el in SKK-8.6 to run on Emacs20 or 21.
[gzipped tar, 6k] sbbs-0.01.tar.gz (2001/8)
A simple bbs cgi script. Tested with thttpd (chrooted). Poorly documented.
[gzipped text, 4k] checkheader-0.1.patch.gz (2001/7)
A wrapper for qmail-queue. It scans mail headers and eliminates mails which have specified patterns in the headers. Use this to block mails composed by a notorious mailer ;)
[gzipped tar, 4k] resutils-0.1.tar.gz (2001/7)
MacOS resource fork manupulation utility. Need macutils to get a resource fork first.
[text, 3k] httpproxy.c (2001/5)
Ultimately simple http-only proxy using djb's tcpserver.
[text, 4k] lynx2.8.3-jp-fix4.patch (2000/8)
Japanese input patch for Lynx-2.8.3. Can be applied to Lynx-2.8.4. Better for some web-based bbs :)
[gzipped tar, 12k] xbiff-qmail.tar.gz (2000/6)
Xbiff for Maildir.
[gzipped tar, 26k] xcruise-0.24.tar.gz (2000/1)
3-D directory browser.
[gzipped tar, 160k] stwm-0.22.tar.gz (1999/6)
Shell-aware twm. You can move, resize and iconify windows on the shell.

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